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Tips for Beginner Anglers

Without a question, winter fishing is an intriguing and alluring hobby that draws people in addition to providing a fun and entertaining diversion, but also the actual catch. Winter fishing is not the same as summer fishing, though, because of the freezing temperatures, snowfall, and other weather variations. It is therefore full of nasty surprises and hazards of all kinds. There are some regulations that must be followed in order to make fishing safer and more comfortable.

Dress Properly

Winter fishing attire should be warm, cozy, and functional. Anglers can avoid hypothermia by wearing warm clothing because they must spend a lot of time in the cold. The finest options are padded pants, a thick jacket, a fur helmet, and valenki (felt boots). It is recommended that the lower back and a portion of the spine be covered by the pants. If at all feasible, think about buying specialty apparel from fishing shops. It satisfies all criteria and is constructed of useful materials.

Prepare Your Gear

Winter fishing gear differs from summer gear and can be easily stored in a special box (fishing tackle box). It may include:

  • Fishing rods
  • Assortment of ice fishing jigs
  • Spoons
  • Ice auger
  • Ice fishing tent
  • Bait and bait holder

It’s also necessary to bring a rope with you; it can be useful in case of emergencies to help you get back to the surface.

Dark-colored ice indicates strength and allows you to walk on it without concern. Because white ice is looser and less stable, you should proceed with caution. The risk is increased if the ice is darker than the surrounding region because this could mean that there are underwater springs there.

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Here’s what to do if a fisherman falls through the ice for whatever reason:
  • Try not to panic and call for help loudly
  • Free your hands (if you were holding any objects)
  • Breathe slowly and deeply, with leg movements similar to riding a bicycle
  • Break the edge of the ice with your hands in the direction of the shore
  • Once you reach thicker ice, try to climb onto it by extending your arms and pushing with your legs
  • Lie down and roll toward the shore on the ice
  • If possible, change into dry clothes on the shore and head to the nearest shelter.

By following all of the above advice and thoroughly preparing for fishing, paying attention to every detail, you can have a great time and return home with a wonderful catch.

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