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What Is a Feeder Reel and How to Choose One

A feeder reel is an essential component of modern fishing gear, providing convenience and the ability to achieve impressive catches. Watching the diverse range of feeder reels available can make one feel the essence of fishing expertise.

This typical reel can withstand incredible loads, as feeder fishing permits the use of heavy bait, and the fish caught on the hook often have significant size. There is a wide range of feeder reels on the market, making the right choice a difficult task.

High-quality feeder reels that stand out for their quality offer many advantages. This type of fishing is characterized by dynamism, requiring frequent casting and fighting with large baits. However, its greatest advantage is the ability to engage in fishing in non-standard conditions, such as shallow water, thickets, and places with underwater obstacles. Thus, feeder reels are reliable partners in any circumstance.

At this stage, we will consider the technical characteristics of the feeder reels that contribute to their effective use.

Technical Characteristics of Feeder Reels:

  • Spool size: Feeder models typically have a spool size from 3,000-4,000 (including Daiwa and Shimano) or 30-40 (Okuma).
  • Gear ratio: This feature shows the number of spool turns per one turn of the handle.
  • Reel weight: The feeder reel is used for energetic fishing with significant catches.
  • Spool capacity: It is necessary to consider the diameter of the line when calculating its length on the spool.
  • Water resistance: Since feeder fishing involves regular addition of bait, the reel may get contaminated on its own. Water resistance helps maintain the device in good condition.

In conclusion, an ideal feeder reel has water resistance and a spool size of 3,000-4,000, with a gear ratio of about 4.8:1.

Feeder Reel Manufacturers

Among the most popular and reliable feeder reel manufacturers include:

  • Shimano
  • Daiwa
  • Okuma
  • Abu Garcia
  • Feeder Concept
  • Salmo

Note that if fishing is your passion, it is worth choosing quality and reliability over

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