Reel ⁢Viper 2500 Fishing ROI

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Reel ⁢Viper 2500 Fishing ROI

The “Fishing ROI” VIPER reel features a front drag, a gear ratio of ⁣5.0:1, and includes 5 stainless steel chrome-plated ball bearings + 1‌ roller bearing. The lightweight body and rotor of this series are made of super-strong composite material. Thanks to computerized rotor balancing, the ⁤reel’s operation is smooth and soft, without any knocking or ⁣vibrations during use. The reel has a ⁤mechanism for instant anti-reverse rotor backstop. The Viper reel is equipped with a spool with a perforated skirt ⁤and grooves to prevent the twisting of the dried line. The AR-C lip allows the line to come off the spool with minimal friction losses, ‍increasing the casting range⁤ and accuracy. The hollow line layering bail, with a reinforced spring to prevent automatic bail trip, ⁣and a ⁣line layering roller preventing twisting, of a cone shape⁤ is installed on a bearing. The handle is made of machined lightweight alloy and screws into the main gear, preventing play in ⁢this mechanism. The reel has good⁣ pulling characteristics, is durable, and reliable. ⁤VIPER reels can be used both for trolling and spinning, as well as for light feeder gear. This reel works well with both monofilament and braided lines.

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Price​ of the Viper 2500 Fishing ROI Reel

The price ‍of the Viper‍ 2500 Fishing ROI reel is ⁣XXXX hryvnias. This⁣ is an excellent offer for ⁤anglers looking for a reliable and functional reel at an affordable price.

Interesting fact: The largest fish ever caught⁤ was a sawfish shark. Its‍ length was 7.6 meters, and ⁤weight – about 3.8‌ tons. ‍This record is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

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